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November 18-19, 1988: James R. Silber

Lecture: Beyond Survival: Heart Surgery and the Psyche

I think heart surgery and heart trouble is becoming increasingly common in the second half of life; if we’re not ourselves involved, we certainly have a family member who has been (or may be).

I had coronary bypass surgery in January 1987 and survived-I want to talk with you about the changes in the psyche, conscious and unconscious; how the psyche helped me decide what to do, how to deal with the pre- and postoperative anxiety. That is to talk about death and rebirth concretely, in detail, in myself and in my clinical practice.

Workshop: Mother Complex, Obesity, and Exercise

This is a workshop taking weight gain and loss from the standpoint of analytical psychology, that is from the source of the problems, the unintegrated mother complex.

We will not be talking about calories, cholesterol, behavior modification, nor will you need loose-fitting clothes for exercise. We will be taking obesity up as depth psychology, that is the events in the psyche.


James A. Silber, M.D. is a long-time member of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles as past President, Chairman of the Certifying Board, and, currently, as Director of Training. He has been on the faculty of the Deparment of Psychiatry, UCLA and USC Medical Schools. He has been in the private practice of psychiatry and Jungian psychology in Los Angeles for the past 30 years.

Beyond Survival: Heart Surgery and the Psyche
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