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November 14-15, 2003 : Tess Castleman

Lecture: We are connected and dream in more objective ways than has previously been acknowledged by traditional psychology. Objective dreams compensate or give one factual data about waking reality – relationships, health, life choices, etc. Some dreams are meant for more than the dreamer – a bigger audience – the family, the community, the tribe. Often these experiences of unconscious connection happen at the cross roads of our existence, e. g., death or critical opportunity. Then, the psyche speaks in a rare way – and one is healed by listening. Humans are pack animals and the dream make r k n ows well this ancient rule of our tribal nature. Within one’s own dream theat re, our stories unfold using the characters from our lives to weave a pattern – each connected to the other in fascinating complexity. The "communal unconscious" which is the territory that resides between the personal and collective unconscious, will be introduced using examples from synchronicities and dreams.

Workshop: Dream Group. The Lakota People inspired the dream group model used in this workshop where dreams are seen as possible inform at i o n for the entire commu n i t y, not just for the individual. Some dreams are collective visions. Some "ordinary" dreams are inspiring/enlightening/healing even for others to hear. In this workshop, participants will be invited to share dreams on an individual level as well as to explore a dream’s potential for the group process. "Why did I need to hear this dream? " is a salient question for those listening to another’s dream . This workshop is experiential . Care will be taken to insure confidentiality, set boundaries , and operate from compassion. All who volunteer to experience this unique process for dream work will be respected and honored for what it brings to all of us collectively.


TESS CASTLEMAN, M.A., L.P.C., I.A.A.P., is a Zurich trained Diplomate Jungian Analyst and training analyst. She is president and past director of training of the C.G. Jung Institute of Dallas and past president of the Friends of Jung of North Texas. She implemented and trained volunteers for The Jail Project at Dallas County Jail where inmates participate in a dream group. She is currently supervising a volunteer project to take portable sand tray work to nursing homes. In addition to individual analysis and sand tray projection, Ms. Castleman works in a variety of modalities: she leads expressive art workshops and therapeutic writing seminars, and has facilitated dream groups for over seventeen years. She is the author of: "Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a web of communal connection can be observed through dreams and synchronicities" and "Heyoka Shamanism and Analytical Psychology."

Threads, Knots, and Tapestries
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