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November 12, 1989: Arthur Colman in Eugene

Lecture: More than 2500 years of one-sided male family role-Patriarchy based on the Syzyzgy of Sky Father and Earth Mother-are beginning to crumble in response to the revolution in the collective female consciousness. The unconscious, eternally creative, is manifesting new and ancient images of the Archetype of the Father which we will explore through myth and clinical material.


Arthur Colman is a Jungian Analyst and a member of the training faculty of the C.G. Jung Institute, San Francisco. He is a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Medical School and teaches and lectures widely. He has served on the faculty of the School of Architecture at U.C. Berkeley helping to develop modern birth centers. He is currently Clinical Processor at U.C. Medical Center and president of the A.K. Rice Institute, a national organization devoted to the studies of unconscious life in groups and organizations. His books include Pregnancy: The Psychological Experience; Love and Ecstasy; the Group Relations Readers, and most recently The Father: Archetype and Social Role. He is currently at work on a book on Scapegoating.

The Archetype of the Father
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