November 11 and 12, 2011: Robert Romanyshyn

Lecture:  With his idea of the psychoid archetype Jung explored a level of the unconscious where psyche and nature are  one.  In this lecture, Dr. Romanyshyn will show  how what we have called the unconscious is at this level the conscious of nature within us. Presenting a DVD he made after returning from a journey he took to the Antarctic in Nov. 2009, Dr. Romanyshyn will describe how this journey in the outer world began with a journey in the inner world of a dream of more than 30 years ago. He will also suggest in this lecture that the format of the DVD, which presents 86 images set to music accompanied by a voice over, deepens a psychology of mind, where the inner world of psyche and the outer world of nature are separate, into an aesthetics of the heart, where the inner and the outer intersect each other. In addition Dr. Romanyshyn will also consider how psychology as an aesthetic response to nature can be the foundation for a radical ecology that attends to the crises of nature as a symptom calling us to re-member the broken connections between the world and us.

Workshop: Left by the Side of the Road — Individuation and Homecoming

This workshop explores the connection between the psychoid archetype presented in the Friday evening lecture and individuation. Beginning with that beautiful story of the rainmaker that Jung tells in Mysterium Coniunctionis, we will explore how a radical ecology that puts us in harmony with nature presumes and requires a sense of harmony within oneself.

For Jung individuation refers to those moments and occasions in one’s life when one is called to follow the law of one’s own being, to become the person one was meant to be. Such moments often occur in mid- life, but they can take place at any moment of important transitions. Anxiety most often accompanies these moments and they are also quite often expressed in dreams and symptoms. Individuation is a crisis but as such it is not only a danger, it is also an opportunity. Individuation presents each of us with the chance to transform one’s fate into a destiny.

In this workshop we will explore Jung’s theme of individuation as a process of homecoming and show how in coming home to oneself one also comes home to the world. Through music, film, story and poetry we will create a space of reverie in which we will make use of dream material, symptoms, fantasies, and writing exercises to tap into the creative unconscious in order to begin the work of transforming memory into memoir. Together we will engage in a journey whose steps include slowing down, learning to linger in the moment and adopting an attitude of hospitality that allows us to be turned back toward and to be addressed by those aspects of ourselves that have been forgotten, ignored, abandoned, left behind or otherwise sacrificed. Along this path we will engage those who wait for us with the unfinished business of our lives.

The goal of this workshop is for each participant to begin crafting a narrative of homecoming that arises within a slowness that reaches toward the stillness of a solitude that reaches toward the silence of a sorrow that reaches toward and be-comes serenity.

Robert D. Romanyshyn received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Duquesne University in 1970. After 20 years of private practice and a career as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Dallas, where he co-founded with Robert Sardello and later James Hillman the innovative graduate program in phenomenological and archetypal psychology, he accepted in 1991 the invitation to join the faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute. A Senior Core Faculty member in the clinical psychology program at the institute he also teaches in the program in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Psychotherapy.


Psyche and Nature: Inner journeys in the Outer World