November 10-11, 2006: Virginia Apperson


We live in a remarkable time, a time in which our intellectual prowess is unsurpassed and seems to grow in leaps and bounds. We can soar to the moon, design life in a test tube and condense the entire encyclopedia into a tiny chip. Our brains are in overdrive and yet, something is sorely missing. Some characterize this element that is lacking as a HER – a more feminine way of being. Despite years of progress within the women’s movement, the breadth and depth of the feminine archetype has plenty of wilderness yet to be explored. By Her very nature, She is hard to describe – emotional, relational, closer to the instinctual and natural worlds. Rather than trying to get to know Her, we prefer to tame, control and manage Her. She complies as She adapts, adorns and abdicates Her own genuine authority. And everybody loses. What sets Her apart? Why is She so easily demonized? What are we afraid of? What is your relationship to the feminine? How do you respond to the feminine in others? How can we help Her thrive in this world?

WORKSHOP — An Unlikely Heroine

Together, we will watch Dangerous Beauty, the story of a sixteenth century Venetian courtesan who has been tutored in the fine art of lovemaking, poetry and conversation. Ironically, it is she who is uniquely positioned to stand on her own long enough to be valued for herself, providing a remarkable role model for those of us in search of feminine strength. In our discussion of the film, we will delve deeper to excavate the too easily idealized, then quickly maligned, but very precious archetypal feminine. This is not just a women’s issue! Men and women alike are suffering the severe consequences of a marginalized feminine. We all carry a form of the feminine within and are better off if we have a good relationship to Her. So, men, please feel welcome; you are sorely needed in this discussion.


VIRGINIA APPERSON, M.N., has been intrigued by the enormous potential within the archetypal domain for a long time. In her youth, she knew there was more available to her, but lacked the language or the tools to find it. Finally she stumbled upon the writings of Jung who helped her unlock the doors to the treasure trove. After completing her training at the C.G. Jung Institute in Z├╝rich, Switzerland, she returned to Atlanta, Georgia, where she is in private practice. In addition to her analytic work, she sees couples and leads dream groups.