May 19, 1989: Margaret Moore

Performance: This revue-style event features the talents of Jungians in the Portland area expressing some of their experiences of the Shadow through art, poetry, drama, dance, mime, and music. Moving in circles through the humorous to the tragic, we pay artistic tribute to one of Jung’s most significant assertions-that the Shadow, which embodies the entire range of archetypes, is a daily part of our lives. Unrecognized, it is the source of our misery and destructiveness. Acknowledged, it becomes our daemon, guiding us to new creativity and understanding as we grapple with the richness and frustration of our inherently contradictory natures.


Margaret Moore, is assistant director of the Community Music Center. As a music educator, she has taught piano at Reed and Clark Colleges and at Portland State University. She has composed several liturgies in the Roman Catholic Church. She is a member of the Board of Directors of OFCGJ.

Playing in the Dark: The Shadows in our Lives