May 17-18, 1985: Joan Chodorow

Lecture: Dance/Movement and the Underworld Trinity: Feminine, Body, Shadow

‘I move,’ is the clear knowledge that I personally, am moving. The opposite of this is the sudden and astonishing moment when ‘I am moved.’ It is a moment when the ego gives up control, stops exerting demands, allowing the Self to take over moving the physical body as it will. It is a moment of unpremeditated surrender that cannot be explained, replicated exactly, sought for or tried out. 

Mary Starks Whitehouse


This one day workshop will introduce an approach to movement that was originally developed by Mary Whitehouse. Sometimes called “authentic movement” or “movement in depth,” it involved a mover, a witness, and their relationship. We’ll take up the development of this work an its use as a form of active imagination. Morning and afternoon sessions will include lecture, movement experience and discussion. No prior dance training or movement therapy is required or expected.

If possible, read in advance; “Dance/Movement and Body Experience in Analysis”, a chapter by Joan Chodorow in Jungian Analysis, edited by Murray Stein. La Salle: Open Court Publishing Co., 1982.

Workshop: To Move and Be Moved


Joan Chodorow is a Jungian analyst and dance/movement therapist in private practice in Fairfax, a small town near San Francisco. She studied ballet with Carmalita Maracci and worked professionally as a dancer, choreographer, teacher; dance/movement therapy training was with Trudi Schoop and Mary Whitehouse; Jungian analytic training was with the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. She is past president of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA); a member of the Academy of Registered Dance Therapists; her work is part of the ADTA film entitled: “Dance Therapy: The Power of Movement.” Her papers and articles have appeared in American, British, Israeli, and Italian publications.

The Self in Motion