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May 15-16, 1998: Pauline Napier

Lecture: Merlin-Jung Enchained

From Heinrich Zimmer’s The King and the Corpse: Tales of the Soul’s Conquest of Evil, this lecture will make a first attempt to explore the story of Merlin’s enchainment by the goddess with that of Jung’s enchainment by the anima.. What relationship, if any, does this phenomenon play in the connection that a man has with this soul and in his relationships with other men and women?

Workshop: In Search Of

There are multitudinous ways in which the soul reveals itself for each individual. During the day-long workshop, we will journey into the past as a way of bringing to consciousness the ground out of which one’s individual soul – one’s individual myth – emerged. Each participant is asked to bring a journal and some form of drawing material.


Pauline Napier, a licensed psychologist, is in private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her "Diplomate in Analytical Psychology" from the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich. In one form or another, she has taught from pre-school through graduate school, including eleven years in the Behavioral Sciences Department of Point Park College. For a number of those years she also held the position of Director of psychological Counseling Services. Among other commitments, she has served as a consultant to Project 60, a Pennsylvania maximum security prison program, and in a medical hospital setting for groups with psychosomatic illness. Her greatest challenge and source of energy comes from her family connections, both personal and archetypal.

Merlin-Jung Enchained
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