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May 14-15, 1999: John Beebe

Lecture: A Textbook of Integrity: A Contemporary Commentary on the I Ching
The I Ching is an oracular book which has been used for divination in China for at least 3000 years. Although it has shamanic roots and Taoist content, the I Ching is one of the foundations of Confucian philosophy, which places emphasis on the correct handling of situations. In the West, students of C.G. Jung’s psychology have turned to the I Ching when an archetypal issue demands an ethical standpoint. In this lecture, Dr. Beebe will relate the philosophy underlying this ancient text to the psychology of integrity that has been developing for Jungian analysis.

Workshop: Living with the I Ching
C.G. Jung used the I Ching to anticipate the dynamics of the Self in problematical situations. His many inquiries of the traditional Chinese oracle convinced him of its reliability as an analytical method. What can we learn about human dilemmas by following the way of the I Ching? How can we determine when it is appropriate to consult it? What would a life look like if lived in accordance with its guidance? In this workshop Dr. Beebe will work interactively with participants to explore these questions.


John Beebe, M.D., is a Jungian analyst practicing in San Francisco. He is the U.S. editor of The Journal of Analytical Psychology. An internationally recognized Jungian lecturer, he is the founding editor of the The San Francisco Jung Institute Library and author of Integrity in Depth.

Integrity and the I Ching
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