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March 17-18, 1995: Eleanora Woloy

Lecture and Workshop: For the last 3000 years, the “battle of the sexes” has raged between men and women. In this no-win war, both sides have been scarred. But we stay in the game because we instinctively sense that there must be something more. So how can we experience oneness in a relationship and not lose ourselves in the process?

Men and women have pursued the answers to this question on their own, but have met with only limited success. More men are learning to claim their feelings. More women are learning to claim their power. But while understanding grows, union remains elusive. 

Dr. Woloy suggests that a new model of relationship is needed, one that will come from the images in the unconscious of men and women. These images will guide us to a new vision of partnership, based in freedom, safety and love. This lecture and experiential workshop will explain old myths and explore new possibilities for relationships, and use images that arise through drawings, sound and movement. 


Eleanora m. Woloy, M.D., is a psychiatrist, Jungian Analyst and Associate Professor of psychitry at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. She is a graduat of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and a training analyst. She received her medical and psychiatric training, including child psychiatry, at the University of Michigan and for the past 20 years she has conducted a private practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has written a book entitled Psyche and Dog, and was a contributing writer to the book, Closeness in Personal and Professional Relationships. 

Joseph Lee. B.A. Drama, is a certified Alexander Technique teacher. He has led workshops with educational and arts organizations throughout the southeast United States, and conducted numerous master classes for theater, music, and performing arts groups. 

Men and Women: Beyond the Battle
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