January 19-20, 1990: Betty Meador

Lecture: Uncovering the Lost Feminine

The long-absent imagery of the archetypal feminine is reappearing in our age. Reflecting aspects of the instincts banished bt western culture, the imagery of the feminine draws us towards an acceptance of our larger selves and a healing of the mind/body split. We will consider the impact of the emerging feminine on our lives and culture as well as attempt to connect it to the ancient cultures where it flourished. 

Workshop: Women’s Development in Cultural Context

The emerging feminine in the inner self pushes individual women into difficult developmental tasks. To make space for the new demands of the psyche, women are becoming culture maker beings, creating new terms, new lifestyles. The workshop will offer a more extensive look at the specific difficulties women encounter in the conflict between modern culture and the full realization of the feminine in their lives. 


Betty Meador is a Jungian Analyst in Berkeley, California. Our of her interest in the feminine, she has studied Sumerian texts related to the goddess Innana. Her recitations of the poetry of the Sumerian priestess, Enheduanna, will appear as a forthcoming book. 

Uncovering the Lost Feminine