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January 16-17, 2004: John Beebe

Lecture: Types of the Shadow. According to Jung’s theory of psychological types, it is our birthright to differentiate, in the course of individuation, four function-attitudes that together define the wholeness of our mature standpoint.  But Jung has postulated a possible eight functions of consciousness. What about the four functions that remain in shadow? How do they operate, and what is their role in our development as human beings? In this lecture, illustrated with clips from popular films, Dr. John Beebe will help us identify the different archetypal characteristics of our shadow functions and will show how they go about their work of challenging, undermining, and defending the ego.

Workshop: Integrating the Shadow Functions . Just as ego-consciousness is unevenly distributed between different function-attitudes that define our strengths and weaknesses, so too is the unconsciousness of our shadow deployed in weaker and stronger ways. Getting to know the archetypes and psychological types of our shadow helps us to recognize the shadow and make use of its defensive power in a self-enhancing way.  Dr. Beebe will demonstrate in dialogue with the participants how this method of analysis can clarify certain difficult personal interactions, dreams, and forms of self-attack and sabotage. 


Dr. John Beebe, a Jungian analyst and psychiatrist in practice in San Francisco , is the immediate past President of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. His most recent publication is Terror, Violence, and the Impulse to Destroy: Perspectives from Analytical Psychology (Daimon Publishers, 2003).  An internationally recognized clinical teacher of Jungian psychology, he has lectured on psychological types throughout the United States and in Europe , and his writings and ideas on this subject and others have appeared in the Chiron Clinical Series, The Journal of Analytical Psychology Psychological Perspectives and several books. Dr. Beebe is the author of the book Integrity in Depth , a study of the archetype of moral wholeness, and he is particularly interested in the way an understanding of our typology can foster the development of the capacity to take responsibility for our impact on others. An avid film buff, Dr. Beebe frequently draws upon classic and contemporary American movies to illustrate how the various types of consciousness and unconsciousness interact to produce the stories of our lives that Jung called individuation.

Types of the Shadow
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