Lecture: Visual Language of the Unconscious

Feb 17 2012 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

First United Methodist Church, Sanctuary  [map]
1838 SW Jefferson Street, Portland
Ample free parking in both church lots.

  • $12 at the door; members free.
  • Cash or check only.
  • Continuing Education Units through NASW (pending approval) or OFCGJ Certificates of Attendance will be offered at no additional charge.  Sign up at the event.


Tualatin Hills Nature Park Interpretive Center

15655 SW Millikan Way

Beaverton  [directions]

Public: $85 (does not include lecture); Members $60 if registered by 2/10 (mail-in) or by Paypal; $70 afterwards.  


  • Cash or check only unless registering by PayPal.
  • Limited space available; no scrip accepted
  • Written requests for refunds will be honored up to 2/10, minus a $15 fee.
  • Continuing Education Units through NASW (pending approval) or OFCGJ Certificates of Attendance will be offered at no additional charge.  Sign up at the event.


  • Bring a sack lunch for the 1/2 hour onsite lunch.

February 17 and 18, 2012: Jane Zich

Exploring the Visual Language of the Unconscious

The realm of psyche is immeasurably great and filled with living reality. -C.G. Jung

In her lecture, Jane Zich will explore the “living reality” of the psyche as evidenced in the visual language of the unconscious that emerges in depth psychotherapy, dreams,
films, and extended active imagination processes. She will use paintings from her Vision Journey series — an image-mediated dialogue with the unconscious that has spanned seven years — to illustrate how recurrent cycles and shifts in imagery suggest a purposefulness in the visual language of the unconscious that can promote and support an “I-Thou” attitude of partnership between ego consciousness and the unconscious. Specific psychological tasks that seem required for specific stages or types of imagery will be described, as well as impasses that tend to result when those tasks are avoided or incompletely met. Dr. Zich will illustrate the role of  “orienting intentions” in navigating extended dialogues with the unconscious, and will refer to image stages and related tasks for ego consciousness that can be seen in C.G. Jung’s Red Book, in cultural contexts, and in societal impasses. Time for discussion will follow. 


Workshop: Opening the Gift  This workshop is designed to foster an experiential exploration of the material presented in Friday’s lecture.   After choosing a personal “orienting intention” for the workshop, everyone will select a wrapped gift.  Before unwrapping the gift, we will take time to expl ore our expectations, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, sensory impressions, and attitudes stirred by this “unknown other,” symbolized by the wrapped gift.  Then, as we each unwrap our gift, we will have a chance to observe our approach to discovering the “other,” including the ways our expectations around the anticipated (wrapped) gift have influenced our experience of the actual (unwrapped) gift. Through drawing, painting, collage-making, and clay-molding, we will explore the visual language of the unconscious, our personal pacing, inner resources, and rituals for honoring what is meaningful to us in such dialogues with the unconscious. Participants’ experiences will be discussed and amplified in terms of Jungian concepts and depth work as applicable to creative projects, psychotherapy, and personal growth.  Art materials  will be provided by OFJ.  Space is limited -- register early.

Image:  Jewels of the Jungle ©2004 Jane Zich

Jane Zich, MFA, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and visual artist.  She is Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, and has depth psychotherapy practices in San Francisco and Kentfield, California. Insights and understandings she has derived from her career paths as artist, psychologist, and psychotherapist converge in her articles, lectures, and workshops on the processes and potentially profound effects of conversing with images from the unconscious. Among her recent articles are Patterns of Imagery and Tasks During Dialogues with the Unconscious (Jung Journal, 2011) and The Role of “Orienting Intentions” in Dialogues with the Unconscious (Jung Journal, 2008). Her award-winning Vision Journey paintings can be viewed at www.zichpaintings.com.