February 9-10, 1996: Ginette Paris

Lecture: The Fallacy of the True Self

In our psychological culture, the quest for the real “unmasked”, true Self conceals an anti-Dionysian fantasy. This fallacy of a reasoning, orderly “real self” is a formidable souce of personal and cultural anxiety. In this lecture, Ginette Paris will focus on how crucial it is to bring back the mythological perspective towards our multiple identities. 


Workshop: Who am I? The Dominant Archetypal Patterns of My Life

Who am I? This fathomless question will be the starting point in the search for the archetypes and myths that are active in the life-scripts of each of us. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore differing interperetations of the “bare facts” of their lives. Ginette Paris will suggest excercises that elicit and reveal the mythic structure of personal events. The facts of one’s life cannot be altered. What can be altered are the degree of flexibility and the depth of awareness with which we interperet the facts of our lives. This workshop offers time to invite the facts into fantasy, into imagination, and into the world of myth. 


Ginette Paris, Ph.D., is the author of essays and novels, including Pagan Meditations; Pagan Grace; and The Sacrament of Abortion. She is a Professor in the Department of Communications, the State University of Quebec, and a faculty member at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. 

The Fallacy of the True Self