February 22, 29 & March 7, 14, 1988: Anger Study Group

Workshop: Jung suggests that there are three ways of becoming conscious; through one’s dreams, through projections, and through emotions. The group will look at the emotion of anger as a creative/destructive force within oneself, in relatinships and as a response to world affairs. Depending upon the interest of the group, possible questions to explore might include :


Does my anger facilitate a movement toward transformation-or toward creating enemies?

How do I deal with prophetic anger?

How does my anger refuse to let me rest with old issues and patterns?

What is raging in me that needs to be healed?

How is my physical health affected by how I deal with anger?


The group will be aided by the use of the suggested text:

The Dance of Anger, by Harriet Goldhor Lerner, Ph.D.

Printed articles

Scenes from videos and play dialogues

Experiencing artists’ expression of anger through music, painting

Use of movement and breathing exercises from the discipline of Tai Chi

The life material which each of us brings.


Leaders: Pat Hunter and Paul Liscomb

Anger Study Group