February 17-18, 1989: Robert Bly

Lecture: An Evening With Robert Bly

During the evening Robert Bly will recite new poems of his own, as well as by Rilke and Rumi, accompanied by Greek lute.

Workshop: Relationship Between Men and Women as Seen by William Blake 

The shocks in the Industrial Revolution, the rise of corporate life and the call of women into the workforce, the weakening of the Inner King and Inner Queen have all left their mark in the relationships between men and women. Where are we now? Blake’s genius discerned powerful zones within the psyche that affect men and women and in this day we will look at his poems, ideas and paintings with a view to what they say that is helpful and relevant now. Bring questions and stories.


From his home in Minnesota, Robert Bly has had a tremendous influence on contemporary poetry as poet, editor and translator. He has published many volumes of his poetry, including The Man in the Black Coat Turns, Loving a Woman in Two Worlds, and Selected Poems. His work, The Light Around the Body was given a National Book Award. He is currently writing on men’s mythology and leads workshops in various parts of the country as well as abroad.

An Evening With Robert Bly