February 16, 1985: Pat Hunter and Dolores Kueffler

Workshop: There is a Navaho saying, “to name something is to become”. It speaks of a longing and the possibility for each of us to be fully who we are. It speaks of a relationship to creation and to creator. It speaks of the need to be remembered in a very deep and mysterious way.

Together we will explore naming though dialoguing with a variety of texts, journaling, use of myth and fairy tale, movement and ritual.


Pat Hunter, M.A. Recreation Therapy, shares a wide variety of healing gifts as a masseuse, teacher of Tai Chi, centering and relaxation, and as a retreat leader. She is a gardener, an avid backpacker, and a clown named “Trickle”. The present growing edge is loom weaving.

Dolores Kueffler, M.A. Applied Behavioral Science, has worked in the area of counseling, has led groups and assisted organizations as a process consultant in the Northwest over the past 12 years. Six of those years were spent among Native Americans. She is an active outdoors woman, and a potter. Dorlores is presently Program Director and Oregon Area Director for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, N.W.

In Honor of Naming