February 10-11, 2006: Pittman McGehee


Jung wrote profoundly of the "Hieros Gamos," or sacred marriage. This lecture will address the aspects of this spiritual and psychological relationship called marriage. This reflection will benefit any person who is in any type of outer world relationship. Ultimately the only relationship we have is with ourselves. Therein is where the true marriage rests, in the inner world.


"I Alone Must Become Myself; I Cannot Become Myself Alone."

Relationships are paradoxical. We move from dependence, to independence, to interdependence, to inner-dependence. In this day together, we will discuss the quaternity of relationships; Mother, Father, Other and Self, and the psychological dimension of these paradoxes.


J. PITTMAN MCGEHEE, M.Div., D. Div. received his Master of Divinity from the Virginia Theological Seminary and was ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1969. He received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. Formerly the Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Houston, he is currently a Diplomate Jungian Analyst and the director of the Institute for the Advancement of Psychology and Spirituality. Additionally, he is serving as the Carolyn Fay adjunct lecturer in Analytical Psychology at the University of Houston. Pittman is widely known as a lecturer and educator in the field of psychology and religion, as well as a published poet and essayist.

Inner and Outer Marriage