December 9-10: James Hollis


Finding meaning in the second half of life requires asking larger questions of ourselves, and challenging our values. To ask these questions three things are requisite: that we recover a sense of personal authority, that we strike a better balance between obligation to others and obligation to self, and that we construct a more mature spirituality. How do we recover our lives, grow as persons, and become increasingly at home with the person we are becoming?


We can never be free to create our lives if we are in service to fixed, internalized, and largely unconscious ideas. We will engage questions which stir, sift, and raise consciousness of these deeply ingrained "ideas" which autonomously govern our lives. With increased consciousness comes increased possibility of the recovery of a more authentic journey. (Please bring a pad and pen for journaling).


JAMES HOLLIS, Ph. D., is a Zurich-trained Jungian Analyst in practice in Houston, TX where he is also Executive Director of the Jung Educational Center of Houston. He is the author of eleven books, the latest being Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life.

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life