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December 9-10, 1988: William O. Walcott and Chandler Brown

Lecture: The Salem Witchcraft Trials: An American Shadow

In search for the foundation of the American character, its consciousness, its archetypes, the psychologist is bound to look into the Salem witchcraft trials, an event that took place almost 300 years ago. “Witch Hunt” has become a part of our American vocabulary, a fact that attests to the continuing occurence of witch hunts in our nation. The lecture will seek to find the roots of the Salem witchcraft trials in the Puritan New England unconscious and the historical context of those times. Finally, America’s “witch hunt” shadow will be brought up to date with a look at its current manifestations.

Workshop: One’s Own Witch Hunt: The Shadow from the Personal Side

This Centerpoint Workshop will use materials from the new Vantage Point Course-The Nessus Shirt which leads from one’s exploration of identification with the persona to the results in the shadow.


William O. Waldcott, Ph.D. is a Jungian analyst in practice in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, the founding editor of Psychological Perspective, former president of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, and former Director of teh Kieffer Frantz Clinic. Although he has published many essays and articles, his favorite subjects have been James Joyce and the archetypal roots of the American psyche as found in Colonial history.

Chandler Brown co-founded the Centerpoint Program in 1972 while Associate Director of the Educational Center of St. Louis. Director of the Centerpoint Foudation since its incorporation in 1977, she has also designed the Questpoint and Vantagepoint courses. Mrs. Brown led the first program offered by the Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung in December, 1974.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials: An American Shadow
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