December 4-5, 1998: Terry Gibson

What is the Soul? Where is the Soul? How do you discover Soul? Or "make" Soul? Is it possible to lose the Soul? Does the Soul have any special relationship with the body or the earth?

These perceptual theological questions will be explored through the lens of contemporary cinema and Jungian psychology. If cinema is the most attended modern Synagogue/Mosque/Cathedral-of-Presence and depth psychology its contemporary therapeut and liturgist, then this discussion is long overdue. This seminar proposes no solutions to these questions but promises a lively exploration of them through the multitudinous images of the soul in modern film.

Friday night’s lecture will present an outline/overview of the model which will be fleshed out more in-depth during the Saturday workshop. There will be frequent use of video and audio clips to illustrate the paradigm’s terrain.


Terry L. Gibson, Ph.D., is a diplomate pastoral psychotherapist and diploma Jungian analyst who practices individual and family therapy with Pastoral Therapy Associates in Tacoma, Washington. He lectures and writes widely on the basic theme of the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality. He has been a frequent consultant, faculty, supervisor, and facilitator for a variety of Pacific Northwest universities, social service agencies, corporations, and religious congregations. He has a passion for the blues, film, and sea kayaks. A book he co-edited with Laura Dodson, Ph.D., Psyche and Family, by Chiron Press, is his most recent publication.

Cin-Imago Dei