December 13-14, 1991: Martha Mae Newell

Lecture: From the Sound of It…Reflections on the Persona as Viewed Through Sound

Persona comes from the Latin verb ‘personare’, meaning ‘to sound through’ (per, through; and sonare, to sound). Sound is a vital source of our impressions about the outer world. Sounds tell us about nature. Creation myths begin with sound. Sounds evoke emotions. The voice is a conveyer of the psychic state of another person. From this perspective the voice can be viewed as a screen for projections allowing more than the contents of what someone says to be perceived. Experiences of sound are embedded in our figures of speech, as for example in the expressions ‘I hear you’, or ‘that sounds like a good idea’. In this lecture we will look at the neglected aspects of sound, particularly as the relate to the persona. If you like the sound of this, come to hear more…

Workshop: The Sensate World: Experiencing Ourselves Through Sight, Sound, and Other Senses

In the community of Jungian psychology, a field dominated by intuitive and feeling types, the experience of the senses is underrepresented. In this experiential workshop we will explore how we experience ourselves and the world through our senses. 


Martha Mae Newell is a Jungian analyst practicing in Portland. She relocated here from New York City a year ago. She received her analytic training at the Jung Institute in New York. Her educational background includes two years at Stephens College, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology, philosophy and education from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor of Divinity from Yale Divinity School. She has been in private practice for the past 11 years. In New York she was Coordinator of Training for the Jung Institute for three years. She has traveled extensively through the British Isles, Western Europe, Russia, India, Pakistan, Alaska and Hawaii. She is especially interested in music and its relation to the psyche. 

From the Sound of It and The Sensate World