Fall 1980 Programming

September 12, 1980: Marylee Fraser

Marylee Fraser is a founding member of the Oregon Friends of Jung and is in practice as a Jungian-oriented social worker from her home in Port Orford. A student for three years at the Institute in Zurich, Marylee has been a previous speaker and workshop leader for Oregon Friends.


Dreams: The Dreamer Speaks

October 3-4, 1980: David Miller

Lecture: On Angels and Ladders-The Ascents and Descents of the Soul

Workshop: Imagine That! Dream Images and Seeing Life’s Likenesses


Dr. David Miller is Professor of Religion at Syracuse University. A frequent guest lecturer, he has spoken at the C.G. Jung Institutes not only in Switzerland, but also in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The summer of 1980 maked his fourth appearance at the Eranos Conference in Ascona, Switzerland. He is the author of two books, Gods and Games and The New Polytheism, and he is a frequent contributor to Spring. Dr. Miller’s appearance in Portland is made possible throught a gift of one of our members who prefers to remain anonymous.

On Angels and Ladders: The Ascents and Descents of the Soul

November 14, 1980: Judith Barr, Robert Murphy, John van den Bossche

Panel from Members of Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung

Judith Barr, M.S.-Counselor with Catholic Services

Francie Corman, M.S.W.-Individual and Marital Therapist, in training as a Jungian Analyst, Inter-Regional Program

Robert J. Murphy-Broker, Paine Weber, Jackson, Curtis.

John Vanden Bossche, C.S.C.-Priest, counsellor, teacher.

Snagging a Dream

December 18, 1980: Mary Ann Mattoon

Dr. Mary Ann Mattoon, a practicing analyst in Minneapolis, is currently on leave from the University of Minnesota. She has lectured extensively in the United States and Switzerland, and her book, Applied Dream Analysis, is an important contribution to present-day psychotherapy.

Jungian Dream Analysis

September 22 1977: James Lynch, PhD

Persona, a film by Ingmar Bergman, discussion to be led by Dr. James Lynch, Professor of English at OSU.

Persona: A Film by Ingmar Bergman