1974 to 1997 Archive

History of Speakers for Oregon Friends of Jung from 1974 through 1997   

Charles and Dottie Kyle

October 12, 1974  CG Jung Happening:  People interested in Jungian Psychology gathered, 50 strong

Charles and Dotty Kyle

November 2, 1974  Pot Luck Dinner and forming the group, choose a name, membership pledges, discussion

Chandler Brown 

December 13, 1974  The Me in My Dreams

Patricia Berry 

March 15, 1975  Interpreting Dreams

Group Discussion

April 19, 1975  Individuation, the Idea and Experience

San Francisco Freud and Jungian analysts (video)       

June 21, 1975  Freud and Jung – Some Historical Reflections

Gerald McDermott (film)

September 13, 1975  Arrow to the Sun:  myth of Pueblo hero-quest

J. Marvin Spiegelman, PhD & Crittenden Brookes, PhD      

October 25, 1975   The Archetypal Psychology of Carl G Jung (University of Oregon, Eugene)

Rowena Pattee  

November 15, 1975  Archetypes and Personal Growth

Carl Jung:  Film by Richard I Evans    

 January 17, 1976  Conversations With Carl Jung

James Lynch    

March 6, 1976  Archetypal Interpretation of Hamlet

Robert Dunn, PhD       

April 17, 1976  Jung and Psychosynthesis

Mary E Renninger       

May 12, 1976   Planets As Archetypes

Ms. Renninger did an Astralogical Chart for Oregon Friends of Jung at it’s inception and Dorothy Kyle’s chart

Robert Stuckey, PhD

June 19, 1976  Marriage and Divorce – A Process of Individuation

William Willeford, PhD 

September 18, 1976  The Psychology of Fairy Tales

James Hillman, PhD and Patricia Berry  

December 3, 1976   Lecture:  Types,Images and the Perception of Uniqueness

December 4, 1976   The Dreamer in the Dream:  a workshop of Dream Interpretation

Kathleen McLaughlin, PhD  

January 15, 1977  Archetype fo the Great Mother and Christian Consciousness

Linda Sherman  

February 19, 1977  Costumes For an Inner Quest:   Workshop to explore symbolism in clothing

James S Witzig,PhD     

March 19, 1977  The Evolution and Various Applications of Jung’s  Psychological Types

Jack Nidever

April 16, 1977  Shadow and Divinity:  Images of the devil and death

Laurens van der Post (film)

May 12, 1977  The Story of Carl Gustav Jung

John Allan, PhD and Eva Allan

May 20, 1977  The Shadow and The Persona (lecture)

May 21, 1977  The Shadow and Persona (workshop)


James Lynch, PhD

September 22, 1977   Persona: Film by Ingmar Bergman  and discussion

September 24, 1977   Persona:  Film shown and discussed in Eugene


Selma Hyman, MD 

October 15, 1977  Jungian Perspective in Medical Practice:  Inner healer in the healer-patient archetype.


Martha Newell, MPS

December 2, 1977  Understanding Ourselves through Sight & Sound: How we encounter ourselves in  projection

December 3, 1977  Understanding Ourselves:  the nature of matter & the nature of psyche as understood by Jung

Stoddard Malarkey, PhD

January 21, 1978       Exploring Atlantis

Marylee Fraser

February 18, 1978   Dream Workshop

February 25, 1978     Dream Workshop in Eugene


James Lynch, Ph D

 March 11, 1978  An Archetypal Reading of King Lear


Robert Murphy

April 29, 1978  The New Myth of Meaning by Edward Edinger, discussion


Annual Pot luck

 May 20, 1978   Slides of Zurich and Bollingen presented byNancy & Peg Sugars


John Allan, PhD and Eva Allan

June 2, 1978   Meaning and Existance:  a developmental perspective (lecture)

June 3, 1978    Meaning and Existance:  life as a successionof stages  (workshop)

Gordon Wagner and Virginia Wagner

July 6, 1978   Dream Making:  visual experiences and dreams discussed.

July 26, 1978   Tai-Chi:  demonstration, history  and philosophy  (Eugene)

J. Barre Toelken, Ph D

September 29, 1978     The Navaho World View and Healing

Chandler Brown

October 20, 1978       The Mote and the Beam

October 21, 1978        The Mote and the Beam:  a workshop on projection


John W. Perry, MD

December 9, 1978       Myth Making and  Cultural Crisis


Rev. Morton Kelsey

January 19, 1979       Spirituality in the Modern World:  consider the gifts & problems of Christian Life in our Times

January 20, 1979       Workshop:   The Other Side of Dying:  Myths, Tales, Dreams of Resurrection, Reincarnation, Rebirth


Robert Trotter, PhD

February 23, 1979      Music:  The Inner Lanndscape Made Audible


Robert Segal

March 23, 1979    Jung’s Attraction to Gnosticism


Robert Johnson

 April 13, 1979  Parsifal:  Legend of the Holy Grail

Annual meeting and Potluck

June 2, 1979

Dorothy Kyle and Linda Sherman

September 22, 1979     Arrow to the Sun:  personal life journey in the imagery of a Pueblo Indian myth

Dr. James Witzig

October 12, 1979       Ego, Persona and Shadow


William Willeford

December 7, 1979       The Shadow Concept and Brothers in Literature

Carroll F. Raaum

January 18, 1980       The Jungian Concept of the Shadow:  singular or plural?  thing or process?

Hugo Maynard

February 15, 1980


Ursula K. LeGuin

March 14, 1980     The Shadow in Fairy Tales

Dorothy Kyle and Linda Sherman

March 28, 1980   Till We Have Faces:  the legend of Psyche and Eros, an exploration  of the myth of Psyche

March 29, 1980  Till We Have Faces:  workshop exploring in group  discussion, individual reflection…..

Dorothy Kyle and Linda Sherman

 April 4, 1980   Till We Have Faces (Eugene)

April 5, 1980   Till We Have Faces (Eugene) from the book by C S Lewis of the legend of Psyche & Eros

James Yandell

April 11, 1980     The Shadow as Seen in Current Events

Annual Meeting and Potluck

June 6, 1980

Marylee Fraser,  MSW

September 12, 1980     Dreams:  The Dreamer Speaks


Dr. David Miller

October 3, 1980   On Angels and Ladders:  The Ascents and Descents of the Soul

October 4, 1980   Imagine That!  Dream Images and Seeing Life’s Likenesses


Judith Barr, Robert Murphy, John van den Bossche

November 14, 1980      Snagging A Dream


Mary Ann Matoon, PhD

December 12, 1980      Jungian Dream Analysis


Ursula Le Guin

January 23, 1981       Mountain Dreams:  Dreams of Mt St Helen’s eruption

Mardi Gras     

February 21, 1981      Dream Party:  A Costumed Potluck Buffet


Selma Hyman, MD

March 27, 1981     The Dream Source of the Inner Physician

Robert Johnson

April 17, 1981     Once and Future King

James Witzig, PhD      

May 15, 1981   Dreams in the Senoi Culture

Annual meeting and Potluck     

June 13, 1981

Kim McDodge,Carrol Raaum,Jim Soliday, Ellen Vejarano   

September 18, 1981    Feminine and Masculine:  Struggling Synthesis

James A Hall, Md       

October 16, 1981       Beyond Sign, Symbol and Image:  The Person Sphere in Jungian Analysis

Prof. John Morrison

November 7, 1981       The Eleusinian Mysteries:  A Workshop

Linda Leonard,PhD      

November 20, 1981   The Wounded Woman:  Rage and Tears

November 21, 1981       The Wounded Woman: Healing the Father-Daughter Relationship

Dr Katherine Bradway

December 11, 1981      Villa of Mysteries of Pompeii:  Insights into Art, Initiation Rites and Individuation

Michael Perlman

January 16, 1982        A Tale of Father, Son and Soul

January 17, 1982        The Odyssey and The Imagination of Homesickness

Linda Sherman and Dottie Kyle   

February 5, 1982        Moon Rock:  the Feminine Archetype

Susan Evans    

February 5, 1982        To the Dancing Gods:  evening of Middle East food, dancing and lecture

Robert Stuckey, PhD    

March 19, 1982  Images in Dreams of Rapists

Joseph Campbell, PhD   

April 9, 1982   Lecture:  Myth and Body

April 10, 1982  Seminar:  Psyche and Symbol

Kathleen McLaughlin, PhD    

May 21, 1982    The Great Goddess of India:  Images of Power and Beauty

Annual Meeting and Potluck     

June 11, 1982

Jack Nidever, PhD      

June 25, 1982  Lecture:  Structure of Dreams

James Soliday, PhD     

September 24, 1982

LectureThe Christian Problem

Edward Edinger 

October 22, 1982 Lecture:  The Christian Archetype

October 23, 1982   Seminar:  The Christian Archetype

A Matter of Heart (film)      

November 12, 1982       Northwest Premier of film on Carl Jung.  Directed by George Wagner

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD 

December 10, 1982       The Tao of Psychology:  Synchronicity and the Self

December 11, 1982       The Goddesses in Everywoman

Edith Sullwold      

January 7, 1983 Lecture:  The Divine Child

January 8, 1983 Workshop:  The Divine Child

Robert Johnson      

February 11, 1983       Faust

February 12, 1983       Dreams, the Inner Work

Dr. Vishwanatu Naravane  

March 11, 1983 Lecture:  Krishna and Christ

Elaine Pagels  

April 22, 1983  Lecture:  Whatever Happened to God the Mother?

April 23, 1983  Workshop:  The Gnostic Gospels


Joseph and Jane Wheelwright   

May 6, 1983     Lecture:  Intimacy

May 7, 1983     Workshop:  Mother and Daughter

Annual Meeting and Potluck       

June 11, 1983

Joyce Baker, MA, Lois Diller, Kamala Kielas (Eugene)   

September 16, 1983      Lecture:  Affirming Our Cyclic Nature

September 17, 1983      Workshop for Women:  Affirming Our Cyclic Nature

James Witzig, PhD      

September 23, 1983      Lecture:  Jacob and Esau

September 24, 1983      Seminar:  Jacob and Esau:  Analysis of the Symbols Encountered in the Esau Myth

Louise Mahdi    

October 14, 1983        Lecture:  Thresholds At Significant Stages of Life

October 15, 1983        Seminar:  Discussion around birth,puberty, adulthood, marriage, parenting, midlife…..

David Miller, PhD       

October 27, 1983        Eros and Psyche:  The Jungian Narcissus         Lecture in Eugene

David Miller, PhD     

October 28, 1983        Lecture:  Ghosts! – Holy and Not So Holy

October 29, 1983        Workshop:  Mockery!  The Shadow of Play

Stephen Hoeller 

November 18, 1983       Lecture:  Magic and Alchemy

November 19, 1983       Workshop:  The Kabbalah As A Model of the Psyche and of Spiritual Growth

William Willeford, Ph D

December 9, 1983        Feeling and Imagination:  Magic, Mutuality and Power

Chandler Brown 

January 20, 1984        Lecture:  The Outmoded Judge:  that nagging inner arbiter …who continues to judge us

January 21, 1984        Workshop:  The Impossible People

Seminars, Workshops and Study Groups   

February 18, 1984       Kathleen McLaughlin/Robert Beatty,, “Jung and the Buddha”,  Susan Evans/Peter Montgomery        “Active Musing”, Louise Gerity “Feminine in Fairy Tales”, Linda Sherman”Personnal Myth”

Anthony Stevens, PhD    

March 16, 1984  Lecture:  Archetypes:  The New Synthesis

March 17, 1984  Seminar:  The Human Life Cycle as Archetypal Process

Edward Edinger, PhD

April 13, 1984  Lecture:  Christian Archetypes, ll

April 14, 1984  Christian Archetypes, ll:  Seminar examining psycologically nodal points of Christian Myth

Jane and Joseph Wheelwright  

April 27, 1984  Lecture:  Dual Career Marriages

April 28, 1984  Workshop:   The Animus

Mara Stahl       

May 18, 1984    Circle of Fire

Annual Meeting and Potluck     

June 16, 1984

Robin Jaqua   

September 21, 1984      Lecture:  Experiencing Mandala Symbolism

Marion O Woodman       

October 19, 1984        Lecture:  Addiction to Perfection

October 20, 1984        Workshop:  Feminine Consciousness As Healer of Perfectionism

Joseph Campbell, PhD       

November 9, 1984        Lecture:  Mythological Beginnings

November 10, 1984       Seminar:  The Hero Journey

Thomas Moore, PhD

December 7, 1984        Jackal and Hide:  On Splits, Oppositions,Compensations, Schizophrenias, Divided Selves, etc.

December 8, 1984        Workshop:  Opposites and Coupled Fantasies

Sir Laurens van der Post, “The Story of Carl G Jung” 

January 17, 1985        Film, Panel discussion (Eugene)

January 18, 1985        Film, Panel:  Robin Jaqua, Gary McKendrick, James Witzig and Robert Stuckey

Workshop Choices:   

February 16, 1985       “In Honor of Naming”, Pat Hunter/Dolores Kueffler,  “Imagery & Music”,Laurie Weiner,

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Robert Johnson    

March 14, 1985  Dreams  ( Eugene)

Robert Johnson 

March 15, 1985  Lecture:  Dionysus, The Forgotten God

March 16, 1985  Workshop:   Dionysus, The Forgotten God: Space between Feeling  Function and Sensation Function

Joan Chodorow   

May 17, 1985    The Self in Motion:  Dance/movement& the Underworld Trinity; Feminine, Body, Shadow

May 18, 1985    Workshop:   To Move and Be Moved

Annual meeting and Potluck     

June 8, 1985    An “Unbirthday Party” in Honor of Carl Jung

Ancient Greek Drama and Dance by Peter Montgomery and Susan Evans

“Way of the Dream”film with Dr Marie Louise von Franz Franz by Fraser Boa     

June 21, 1985   John Beebe, Louise Bode, Tom Kirsch, Jane and Joseph Wheelwright,  James Hall & Fraser Boa

Fri night, Sat and Sunday showing  of 20 half-hour films at University of Portland

Murray Stein 

September 13, 1985      Lecture:   Jung’s Treatment of Christianity

September 14, 1985      Seminar:    Jung’s Treatment of Christianity

Alice O Howell    

October 18, 1985        The Inner Cosmology of Experience:  Uses of Analytical Astrology in Analytical Psychology

October 19, 1985        Workshop:  The Joy of Wisdom, The Wisdom of Joy

Donald F Sandner, MD   

November 15, 1985       Lecture:  The Way of the Snake

November 16, 1985       Workshop:  Shamanic Symbolism


Gilda Franz    

December 13, 1985       Lecture:    Individuation:  Tears and Joy

December 14, 1985       Workshop:   Individuation:  Tears and Joy

Thomas Lavin, PhD     

January 17, 1986        Lecture:   Spiritus Contra Spiritum:  The Depth Psychology of Alcoholism

January 18, 1986        Workshop:   The Alcoholic Seen Through the Prism of the Eterna, Adolescent Complex

Polly Young-Eisendrath and Edward Epstein    

February 14, 1986       Lecture:  Hags and Heroes

February 15, 1986       Workshop:   Hags and Heroes

Joseph Campbell, PhD       

March 21, 1986  Lecture:   Genesis and Exodus – History and Myth

March 22, 1986  Workshop:   Metaphor As Myth and Religion

Anthony Stevens, MD   

April 18, 1986  Lecture:   The Analytical Psychology of War

April 19, 1986  Seminar:   The Archetypes of Conflict

Suzanne Wagner, PhD

May 9, 1986     Lecture:   The Cry of Gaia:  Death Into Life

May 10, 1986    Workshop:    Experiencing the Mother:  Her Light/Her Darkness.  With Michael Riley, nature poet

Annual Meeting and Potluck      

June 7, 1986    Mara Stahl:  Ancient Fires:  Stories of the Stars

Harry Prochaska

June 27, 1986   Lecture:   Images of the Divine Child

John E Beebe 111,  MD  

September 19, 1986      Lecture:   More About Psychological Types
Sat:  A Workshop on Psychological Types

September 20, 1986      A Workshop on Psychological Types
Film at Cinema 21      October 9, 1986 A Matter of Heart

Verena Kast, PhD       

October 17, 1986        Lecture:  Changing Relation Fantasies as Releasing Point in the Partnership
October 18, 1986        A Workshop on Fairy Tales

John Allan, PhD and Eva Allan, M.Ed   

November 21, 1986       Lecture:   Key Stages of the Inner Journey
November 22, 1986       Workshop on  the Inner Journey

Fraser Boa       

December 12, 1986       Lecture:  Masculinity, Thief of Hearts
December 13, 1986       Workshop:   My Brother Cain

James A Hall, MD    

January 16, 1987        Lecture:The Unecessary War:  Neurosis and Inner Conflict
January 17, 1987        Workshop:   The Jungian Dream:  A Workshop on Theory and Practice

Linda Sussman, Susan Strauss,  Lynn Vandercamp

February 27, 1987       The Mythic Journey

athan Schwartz-Salant 

March 20, 1987  Lecture:    The Healing Edge of Madness in the Borderline Personality
March 21, 1987  Workshop:   Borderline States of Mind as Reflected Through Alchemical Imagery

David Hart

April 10, 1987  Lecture:   The Passive Aggressive Male
April 11, 1987  Workshop:   Male Competitiveness:  The Passive-Aggressive Male and the Illusion of Deprivation

Joan Chodorow MA and Louis H. Stewart, PhD.

May 15, 1987    Lecture:   The Archetypal Affects
May 16, 1987    Workshop:      Active Imagination

Light-Hearted Evening 

June 5, 1987    Annual Meeting and Members Potluck

Peter Montgomery  presenting Interpretation of Oedipus

Linda Leonard, PhD       

October 16, 1987        Lecture:    Addiction and Creativity
October 17, 1987        Workshop:  Addiction and Creativity

Martin Kalff, PhD   

November 14, 1987       Sandplay:  Film interview with Dora Kalff, Swiss analyst who developed Sandplay Therapy.

November 15, 1987       Workshop:   The Emergence of the Feminine in Buddhism and Jungian Psychology

Robert Johnson

1987       Workshop:    Man as Hero, Woman as Hero

Terrill l. Gibson, PhD

December 11, 1987       The Mystic Jung:  Toward the Recovery of  “Lived” Religious Experience

December 12, 1987       Workshop:     Analysis As Guided Mystical Experience

June Matthews     

January 15, 1988        Lecture:   The Childs Quest for Meaning

January 16, 1988        Workshop:   The First Year:  Infant Integration and the Primal Self
The Second Year:  The Archetype of Separation

James Jarrett, PhD     

February 19, 1988       Lecture:   Jung and Nietzsche

February 20, 1988       Workshop:   Jung and Nietzsche

William Willeford, PhD   

March 18, 1988  Lecture:   Passion and Irony in the Blues

March 19, 1988  Workshop:  You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had:  The Life-Affirming Art of the Blues

William Willeford, PhD  in Eugene      

March 20, 1988  Lecture:  You Can’t Lose What You Never Had:  The Life Affirming Art of the Blues

Eugene Monick  

April 15, 1988  Lecture:    Phallos:  The Archetypal Source of Masculinity

April 16, 1988  Workshop:     The “Iron John” Quality of Masculinity:  Rough, Fierce, Wild


Philip T. Zabriskie, M.Div.DD  

May 20, 1988    Lecture:   Like Jacob and the Angel:  Jung’s Confrontation With Christianity

May 21, 1988    Workshop:  Like Jacob and the Angel:  Jung’s evolving position on Christian thought, the intellectual and religious context and growing convictions concerning archetypal symbols.

Annual Meeting and Potluck   

June 4, 1988    “The Tree- Symbol of the Self” by  film by Judy Franzen

Blackfish Gallery:  Panel discussion with Robert Stuckey & artists     

July 14, 1988   “Midsummer Night’s Dream:  Dreams as Personal Mythology”

Carolyn Bilderback     

July 23, 1988   Dance Workshop

James A. Hall, MD      

September 23, 1988      Lecture:   Who Is Dreaming the Dreamer?

September 24, 1988      Workshop:   The Archetypal Self:  Intimacy and Transcendence

Lionel Corbett, MD 

October 14, 1988        Revelation In A Modern Dream:  A New Image of the Divine

October 15, 1988        Jungian Psychology and Kohut’s Self Psychology

Lionel Corbett, MD  In Eugene    

October 16, 1988        Workshop:   The Religious Function of the Psyche

Dr.Anthony Stevens: (Willamette University Humanities Seminars)

November 3, 1988        The Collective Unconscious:  Myth or Scientific Hypothesis?

James R. Silber, MD    

November 18, 1988       Lecture:   Beyond Survival:  Heart Surgery and the Psyche

November 19, 1988       Workdhop:   Mother Complex,   Obesity  and  Exercise

William O. Walcott and Chandler Brown      

December 9, 1988        Lecture:   The Salem Witchcraft Trials:  An American Shadow

December 10, 1988       Workshop:   One’s Own Witch Hunt:  The Shadow From The Personal Side

Thomas P. Lavin, PhD       

January 20, 1989        Artemis & Aphrodite Need Not Apply:  Christianitiy’s Repression of the Archetypal Feminine

January 21, 1989        Workshop:   The Shadow of Organized Religions

Robert Bly February 17, 1989       An Evening With Robert Bly

February 18, 1989       Workshop:   Relationship Between Men and Women As Seen By William Blake

Dr. Anthony Stevens  in Eugene  

March 22, 1989  Lecture:  The Collective Unconscious:  Myth or Scientific Hypothesis?

Dr. Anthony Stevens    

March 24, 1989  Lecture:    C. G. Jung:  The Man and His Psychology

March 25, 1989  Workshop:   C. G. Jung:  The Man and His Psychology

Storefront Theatre with Keith Scales,Jungian Analyst John Beebe,et al       

April 8, 1989   Cuchulain Cycle by William Butler Yates:”Theatre of Myth:  The Neglected Drama of WB Yeats

Supported by Oregon Friends of Jung

Dr. James Hillman   

April 21, 1989  Lecture:   “Anima Mundi:  The Soul of the World”

April 22, 1989  Anima:  Images of Mood and Desire

Vera Buhrmann

May 6, 1989     Witchcraft and Witchcraft Beliefs  (seminar)

Portland Jungians Performance Through Art,Poetry,Dance,Mime and Music  

May 19, 1989    Playing in the Dark:  The Shadows in Our Lives  Review-style program choreographed and directed by Margaret Moore

Light-Hearted Evening

June 3, 1989    Annual Meeting and Potluck

Joan Blackmer presenting In Search of Wholeness:  On the Life of Barbara Hannah with slides of her paintings

The Way of the Dream (film featuring Dr Marie-Louise von Franz)    

June 17, 1989   Moderators:  Dr. Robert Davis, PhD  and Dr Elizabeth Hendricks, Psy.D

June 18, 1989   “Who Makes Up Our Dreams?”  Series of 20 half-hour films, with dream interpretations on film by Dr. vonFranz, addressing the problems of human relationships in our world.

John Beebe, MD       

September 22, 1989      Lecture:   The Secret Life of the Movies

September 23, 1989      The Mythic World of the Post-Modern Film:  viewing “Blue Velvet” and discussion

James Hall, MD. and Marion Woodman     

October 13, 1989        Lecture:   Dialogue:  Relationship in the First Half of Life

October 14, 1989        Workshop:    Relationship Between Men and Woman:  Is It Possible?   Body Work by Marion Woodman
Dialogue – James Hall and Marion Woodman

Dr. Arthur Colman       

November 10, 1989       Lecture:    Individuation and the Scapegoat

November 11, 2002       Seminar:     Individuation and the Scapegoat

Dr. Arthur Colman  in Eugene      

November 12, 1989       The Archetype of the Father   (lecture)

Dr. Harry Wilmer     

December 8, 1989        Lecture:   Closeness

December 10, 1989       Experiential Dream Adventure:   A Workshop

Betty Meador 

January 19, 1990        Lecture:  Uncovering the Lost Feminine

January 20, 1990        Seminar:  Women’s Developement in Cultural Context


Thayer Greene  

February 16, 1990       Lecture:   The Archetype of the Game:   Sports As A Reflection of the Psyche

February 17, 1990       Workshop:  Satan and Psyche

Ladson Hinton, MD   

March 16, 1990  This Business of the Gods…. In Conversation with Fraser Boa

March 17, 1990  Film:  Joseph Campbell, PhD   Commentary and discussion led by Ladson Hinton, MD.
This Business With the Gods… in conversation with Fraser Boa

Robert Sardello, PhD    

April 20, 1990  Lecture:  Homeopathy:  The Soul In the Inner and Outer World
April 21, 1990  Seminar:  The Soul of Healing

Light-Hearted Evening     

May 19, 1990    Annual Meeting and Potluck

Alice O. Howell

June 1, 1990    Lecture:   Jungian Synchronicity In Astrological Signs and Ages

June 2, 1990    Workshop:  The Feminine Aspect of Wisdom:  The Dove and the Stone

John Giannini, M.Div., M.A.   

September 14, 1990      Lecture:   INFP:  The Typological Counterculture

September 15, 1990      Workshop:  INFP:  The Typological Counterculture

Dr. Peter Rutter       

October 19, 1990        Lecture:   Sex In The Forbidden Zone:   When Men In Power Betray Women’s Trust

October 20, 1990        Workshop:    Sex In The Forbidden Zone:  A Focal Point In The Struggle For Personal Transformation
and Cultural Evolution

Janet O. Dallett, PhD  

November 16, 1990       Lecture:  Saturday’s Child:   A Down-To-Earth Look Into The Spiritual Problem of  Our Time

November 17, 1990       Workshop:  Saturday’s Child

Stephen Hoeller     

December 7, 1990        Lecture:   Lecture:   Jung and the Lost Gnostic Gospels

December 9, 1990        Workshop:   Jung and the Psyche of America  Lecture in Eugene

Cinema 21 Film Seminar    

December 8, 1990        Gnostics: The Knowledge of the Heart with commentary by Dr. Stephen Hoeller

Featured Scholars, Therapists & Actors:  Elaine Pagels, Nigel Harrison, James Robinson,
Gilles Quispel, Brian Blessed, C A Meier, Hans Janas, Aniela Jaffe, June Singer, Carl Jung

Cinema 21:  Laurens vander Post:  Remembering Jung    

December 16, 1990       The World Within:  C G Jung In His Own Words and Images

December 17, 1990       5 showings of film of rare footage discussing the nature of the psyche and the developement of wholeness in the individual.  A glimpse of Jung’s Red Book, the stone tower at Bollingen

Eleanora M Waloy, MD    

January 11, 1991        Lecture:    What Animals In Our Dreams Can Tell Us

January 12, 1991        Workshop:  Psyche and Nature

Emily Hancock      

February 21, 1991       Lecture:   The Girl Within:  Touchstone For Women’s Identity

February 22, 1992       Workshop:  The Girl Within:  Touchstone For Women’s Identity

Dr. Lionel Corbett and Cathy Rives, MD     

February 22, 1991       Lecture:  Narcissism and The Experience of the Divine

February 23, 1991       Workshop:  Psychotherapy As Spiritual Practice

Dr. Lionel Corbett and Cathy Rives, MD  in Eugene

February 24, 1991       Anima and Animus As Soul and Spirit

Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD      

March 15, 1991  Lecture:  The Return of the Spirit:  C G Jung’s Psychological Foundation for 12-Step Programs

March 16, 1991  Workshop:  The Return of the Spirit:  C G Jung’s Psychological Foundation for the 12-Step Programs

Allen B. Chinnen, MD. 

April 19, 1991  Lecture:  In the Ever After:  Fairy Tales and the Second Half of Life

April 20, 1991  Workshop:  In The Ever After:  Fairy Tales in the Second Half of Life

Joan Chodorow, PhD

May 24, 1991    Lecture:   Body, Psyche, and the Emotions

May 25, 1991    Workshop:  The Moving Imagination

Light Hearted Evening 

June 1, 1991    Annual Meeting and Potluck

Slide presentation by Robin Jaqua on Archives for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

Kathrin Asper, PhD   

September 13, 1991      Lecture:  The Child:  Image & Reality: Reflections on Childhood & the Child in Adult Analysis

September 14, 1991      Workshop:  The Child As Image & Reality In Art and Fairytales

Ian Baker, PhD   

September 20, 1991      Lecture:  Antigone and Elektra:  The Missing Father and the Suffering Daughter

Josephine Evetts-Secker

October 11, 1991        Lecture:  The Prick of Consciousness:  The Psychology and Art of Arousal

October 12, 1991        Workshop: The Prick  of Consciousness:  The Psychology and Art of Arousal

James Yandell 

November 22, 1991       Lecture:   The Evolution of Satan:  Adversary and Adversity

November 23, 1991       Workshop:  Warts and All:  The Shadow and Wholeness


Martha Mae Newell      

December 13, 1991       Lecture:  From the Sound of It…Reflections on the Persona As Viewed Through Sound

December 14, 1991       Seminar:    The Sensate World:  Experiencing Ourselves Through Sight,
Sound & Other Senses

Julia McAfee 

January 17, 1992        Lecture:  The Vampire Archetype and Vampiric Relationships

January 18, 1992        Workshop:  The Vampire Archetype and Vampire Relationships

June Singer, PhD     

January 22, 1992        Lecture:  Gnostic Threads In The Fabric of  the Psyche
January 23, 1992        Workshop:  The Evolution of the Soul “Passions of the Soul” video documentary on Jungian Psychology

Allen B. Chinen, MD  

March 20, 1992  Lecture:  Once Upon A Noon Time:  Fairy Tales & the Psycholgy of Men & Women At Mid-Life

March 21, 1992  Workshop:  Once Upon A Noon Time:  Fairy Tales and The Psychology of Men and Women  At Mid-Life

Manisha Roy, PhD

April 24, 1992  Lecture:  The Archetype of the Animus and Feminine Consciousness

April 25, 1992  Workshop:  The Archetype of the Animus and Feminine Consciousness

Edith Wallace, PhD., MD.      

May 1, 1992     3 day Workshop:   Going On A Quest:  Opening To The Creative

May 2, 1992     continuing workshop on May 3, 1992

Louis H. Stewart, PhD and Joan Chodorow, PhD 

May 30, 1992    Workshop:  The Moving Imagination

May 29, 1992    Lecture:  Changemakers:  Sibling Position, Family Atmosphere, and Questions about The
Psychological Roots of Democracy and Dictatorship

Dr. Carol S. Pearson     

October 16, 1992        Lecture:  Awakening The Heroes Within

October 17, 1992        Workshop:  Awakening The  Heroes Within

Linda Leonard, PhD     

February 17, 1993       Lecture /Eugene:  Meeting the Madwoman:  An Inner Challenge For the Feminine Spirit

Linda Leonard, PhD     

February 19, 1993       Lecture:  Meeting the Madwoman:  An Inner Challenge For Feminine Spirit February 20, 1993       Workshop on Meeting the Madwoman:  An Inner Challenge For Feminine Spirit

Thomas Patrick Lavin  

March 19, 1993  Lecture:  Like A Donkey Between Two Bales of Hay:  The Puer and Senex at Midlife

March 20, 1993  Workshop:    Fatherhood:  A Multi-Imaged Reality

Dr Lionel Corbett      

April 16, 1993  Lecture:  A Psychological Approach To the Problem of Evil

April 17, 1993  Workshop:  A Psychological Approach To the Problem of Suffering:  Uts Relation To the Process of Incarnation of Spirit

Dr Lionel Corbett – Eugene       

April 18, 1993  Lecture:  Fairytales As Mirrors of Psychopathology

Carlos F. Martinez, MD 

May 7, 1993     Lecture:  The Near-Death Experience:  An Initiation and Transformation

May 8, 1993     Workshop:  The Near-Death Experience:  An Iniation and Transformation


Light Hearted Evening     

June 5, 1993    Annual Meeting and Potluck

John Giannini, MDIV    

September 17, 1993      Lecture:  The Hundredth Dreamer

September 18, 1993      Workshop:  The Journey With the Soul

Manisha Roy, PhD   

October 29, 1993        Lecture:  Sexuality, Spirituality and Individuation

October 30, 1993        Workshop:  Sexuality, Spirituality and Individuation

Richard Stein, MD  

November 19, 1993       Lecture:  The Spirit Mercurius:  From Individualism to Spiritual Emergence

ovember 20, 1993       Workshop:  Polarities of the Self

James Hollis, PhD     

December 3, 1993        Lecture:  The Middle Passage:  Misery and Meaning At Mid-Life

December 4, 1993        Workshop:  Your Personal Myth

Allan B. Chinen, MD       

January 14, 1994        Lecture:  Beyond the Hero & the Patriarch:  Fairy Tales of  Deep Masculine For Men & Women

January 15, 1994        Workshop:   Beyond the Hero and the Patriarch:  Fairy Tales of the Deep Masculine For Men & Women Workshop

Murray Stein, PhD    

February 18, 1994       Leccture:  The Hephaistos Problem:  AN Exploration of the Wounded Creative Instincts

February 19, 1994       Workshop:  Hephaistos and the Wounded Creative Instinct in Men and Women

Thomas Moore, PhD

March 25, 1994  lecture:  Care of the Soul

Penny Lewis, PhD       

April 15, 1994  Lecture:  Creative Transformation:  The Healing Power of the Arts

April 16, 1994  Workshop:   Creative Transformation:  The Healing Power of the Arts

Frances Gillian Slocumb, PhD       

May 13, 1994    Lecture:  Lady Alchemy:  The Body and Archetype of Service

May 14, 1994    Workshop:  The Body Electric

Frances Gilliam Slocum, PhD   (Eugene)     

May 17, 1994    Lecture:  Women On the Edge:  The Many Faces of Iris Woman

Light Hearted Evening  

June 11, 1994   annual meeting and potluck

Pauline Napier, PhD    

September 16, 1994      Lecture:  Psychic Inoculation of Evil:  A Soul-Shadow Perspective

September 17, 1994      Workshop:    Cultural, Ancestral-Familial Inoculation:  Tolerance of the Foreign

John Beebe, MD

October 14, 1994        Lecture:  Integrity in Fairy Tales

October 15, 1994        Workshop:  Working On Integrity

Alice O. Howell

November 11, 1994       Lecture:  God Can’t Eat A Poached Egg!:  Reflections on the Self/ego axis

November 12, 1994       Workshop:  Jung, Sophia, and the Geometry Of Soul

James Hollis, PhD     

December 2, 1994        Lecture:  Under Saturn’s Shadow:  The Wounding and Healing of Men

December 3, 1994        Workshop:  Inscape:  The Place of Dreams In Our Search For Meaning

Donald Sandner,MD    

January 20, 1995        Lecture:   Sacred Medicine and Individuation

January 21, 1995        Workshop:  Sacred Medicine and Individuation

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, PhD   

February 17, 1995       Lecture:   Conceiving the Motherline

February 18, 1995       Workshop:  Stories From Our Motherlines

Eleanora Woloy, MD  in Eugene   

March 10, 1995  Lecture:  Spiritual Alchemy – The Mystery of Change

March 11, 1995  Workshop:  Spiritual Alchemy – The Mystery of Change

Eleanora Woloy, MD 

March 17, 1995  Lecture:   Men and Women:  Beyond the Battle

March 18, 1995  Workshop:  Men and Women:  Beyond the Battle

Robert Sardello, PhD       

March 31, 1995  Lecture:   Spiritual Psychology of Love

April 1, 1995   Workshop:  Love, Intimacy, and the Imagination of the Heart

Robert Sardello, PhD  in Eugene    

April 4, 1995   The Soul of Community  (lecture)

Harry Wilmer, MD, PhD  

May 5, 1995     Lecture:   The Conspiracy of Silence:  Secrets, Confidentiality and Trust

May 6, 1995     Workshop:  Silence:   Art and the Art of Healing

Light Hearted Evening  

June 3, 1995    Annual Meeting and Potluck      Keith Scales presenting “The Fool in the Forest”, retelling a version of the Grail

Ruth Amman  Lecture in Eugene

September 20, 1995      The Potential For Self-Regulation of the Psyche As It Shows in Dreams, Pictures, Sandplay

Ruth Amman     

September 22, 1995      Lecture:    The Verdant Ones:  Figures of Green Men & Green Women

September 23, 1995      Workshop:  As These Figures Appear in Folklore, Mythology, Fairytales and Clinical Work

Gregg Furth, PhD

October 27, 1995        Lecture:    Drawings From The Unconscious

October 28, 1995        Workshop:  Drawings From the Unconscious

Linda Leonard, PhD  Lecture in Eugene  

November 30, 1995       Creation’s Heartbeat:  Following the Reindeer Spirit

Linda Leonard, PhD     

December 1, 1995        Lecture:    Creation’s Heartbeat:  Following The Reindeer Spirit

December 2, 1995        Workshop:  The Healing Power of Reindeer Woman

John Van Eenwyk, PhD

January 19, 1996        Lecture:    The Roots of Violence:  A Jungian Perspective

January 20, 1996        Workshop:   Living In The Age of The Vestigial Hero:  The U S In The 21’st Century

Ginette Paris, PhD   

February 9, 1996        Lecture:    The Fallacy Of The True Self

February 10, 1996       Workshop:  Who Am I?  The Dominant Archetypal Patterns Of My Life

Ann Ulanov, M.Div.,PhD,LHD. and Barry Ulanov, PhD, D.Litt.    

March 15, 1996  Lecture:    Anima And Animus    March 16, 1996  Workshop:  Anima And Animus

Kathrin Asper, PhD  

April 12, 1996  Lecture:   Home or Homeless:  On Losing and Regaining the Sense of Inner Home

April 13, 1996  Workshop:  The Healing Self:  The Soothing Voice of the Soul

Kathrin Asper, PhD  Lecture in Eugene      

April 16, 1996  The Holy, Divine Child

James Hollis, PhD      

May 10, 1996    Lecture:    Psyche and Soul

May 11, 1996    Workshop:  Psyche and Soul:  The Enactment of Soul Through Myth

Light-Hearted Evening   

June 8, 1996    Annual Meeting and Potluck

Thomas Moore, PhD      

June 17, 1996   Lecture:  The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

John Giannini, M.A., Mdiv, MBA 

September 20, 1996      Lecture:    The Historical and Psychological Contexts for Intimate Relations

September 21, 1996      Workshop:  The Sensuality and Spirituality of Intimate Relationships

Michael Conforti, PhD      

October 25, 1996        Lecture:   From Psyche To A Picture of the World:  Archetypal Dimensions of Self Organization (lecture) October 26, 1996        Workshop:   From Psyche to A Picture of the World:   Archetypal Dimensions of Self

Organization.  Building on Jung’s originalwork on the nature of the archetypal influences.

Dennis Mettitt   

November 8, 1996        Lecture:    Seasons of the Soul:  Archetypal Patterns in Weather and Climate

November 9, 1996        Workshop:  The Greening of Psychology:  Jung’s Contribution to Evolving Environmental Paradigms

Karlyn May Ward, PhD.,LCSW      

December 6, 1996        Lecture:   Psyche and Music

December 7, 1996        Workshop:  Psyche and Music

Betty De Shong Meador, PhD  

January 17, 1997        Lecture:    Elements of A Spiritual Life:  The Individuation of the High Priestess Enheduanna

January 18, 1997        Workshop:  Inanna:  Lady of Largest Heart

Ginette Paris, PhD    

February 21, 1997       Lecture:    The Future of Psychotherapy:  Mythology

February 22, 1997       Workshop:  Editing The Script of Our Lives

Robert Sardello, PhD 

March 14, 1997  Lecture:    Dracula, Frankenstein and the Holy Grail

March 15, 1997  Workshop:  Freeing the Soul From Fear

Beverley D. Zabriskie, CSW, NCPsyA

April 18, 1997  Lecture:    In The Field of Our Dreams

April 19, 1997  Workshop:  The Alchemy of Our Dreams

Thomas B. Kirsch, MD       

May 9, 1997     Lecture:    Jungian Psychology:  Past, Present, Future

May 10, 1997    Workshop:  Freud and Jung

Light-Hearted Evening

June 7, 1997    Annual Meeting and Potluck

Christina Middlebrook, MA      

September 12, 1997      Lecture:    Seeing the Crab:  A Memoir of Dying Before I Do

September 13, 1997      Workshop:  Seeing The Crab:  A Memoir of Dying Before I Do:  How individuals cann develop skills to integrate traumatic life events into their lives.

James Hillman, PhD

September 22, 1997      The Soul’s Code:  In Search of Character and Calling   (lecture)

Mario Jacoby, PhD      

October 3, 1997 Lecture:    Anxiety and the Myth of the Dragon Fight

October 4, 1997 Workshop:  Anxiety and the Myth of the Dragon Fight

Lionel Corbett      

November 21, 1997       Lecture:    A Depth Psychological Approach to the Divine:  A New Myth of God

November 22, 1997       Workshop:  The Religious Function of the Psyche

Michael Conforti, PhD   

December 5, 1997        Lecture:    The Complex:  An Attractor Site In The Psyche

December 6, 1997        Workshop:  The Role of Space and Time in the Puer Aeternus Archetype

Michael Conforti, PhD      

December 5, 1997        Special Lecture:  Clinical Applications of an Archetypal Field Theory

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