Fall 1994 Programming

September 16-17, 1994: Pauline Napier

Lecture: Psychic Inoculation of Evil: A Soul Shadow Perspective

An image of Demeter and the Black Madonna emerges as an awesome soul who has acknowledged its shadow. As a symbol of Trust, she is equipped to guide on through this perilous, “under the skin” pilgrimage. The black Madonna of Tindari, Sicily is a manifestation of Madre Fiducia-Mother Trust. This lecture will focus on her image and a thought of immunizing, through psychic inoculation, a minute aspect of world evil. 

Workshop: Cultural, Ancestral-Familial Inoculation: Tolerance of the Foreign

How does one ground oneself in one’s individual, cultural, ancestral-familial myth and tolerate the cultural, ancestral-familial myth that is different-foreign to one’s ground? For the workshop, be prepared to seach the ground out of which you came, and encounter the foreign. Wear clothing that best fits your mood upon awakening. 


Pauline Napier, Ph.D., a diplomate of the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich, is in private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In one form or another, she has taught from pre-school through graduate school. She has worked as a consultant to Project 60, a Pennsylvania maximum security prison program, and in a medical hospital setting, for groups with psychosomatic illnesses. Her greatest challenge and source of energy comes from her family connections, both personal and archetypal. 

Psychic Inoculation of Evil

October 14-15, 1994: John Beebe

Lecture: Integrity in Fairy Tales

All of us desire to live our lives with integrity, but few of us know what that really means until we are tested by life to realize our moral limits and potential. A commnon theme in fairy tales, little explored by psychologists, is this testing and development of an individual’s conception of integrity. Dr. John Beebe will trace this important motif in several fairy tales, seeking to learn from them about the nature of the core of our morality. 

Workshop: Working on Integrity

This all-day workshop will involve participants in an exploration of what integrity consists of-how it may be recognized, personally located, and developed. Dr. Beebe will focus on the experience of the workshop itself, drawing upon his extensive studies of the the literature on integrity to clarify the working edge of integrity that participants present. He will show us first-hand what he has learned about integrity’s elusive but resilient nature, and his own means of fostering it, drawing as necessary from a wisdom tradition that includes the I Ching, classics of Western and Chinese philosophy, fiction, film, psychology and religion. The point of the day is not, however, intellectual: it is for us to get closer, psychologically, to integrity itself. 


John Beebe, Ph.D.,  a Jungian analyst in private practice in San Francisco, is the author of Integrity in Depth, and other works in analytical psychology. Dr. Beebge is the editor of The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal and (with two British co-editors) the Journal of Analytical Psychology. He is best known for his studies of film, gender, and psychological types. An ongoing themer of his work is the study of the moral nature as it emerges during psychological work on the problems of character. 

Integrity in Fairy Tales

November 11-12, 1994: Alice O. Howell

Lecture: God Can’t Eat a Poached Egg! Some Timely Reflections on the Self/ego Axis

A look into some spiritual implications of Jung’s psychological concepts and how they might change the future of us all. 

Workshop: Jung, Sophia, and the Geometry of the Soul: A Practical Primer on Sacred Geometry and its Symbolic Content

In this “playshop” called Sophia’s Mondayschool in Alice’s book, The Web in the Sea, we will explore the hidden connections between the shapes of things and their inner, symbolic meaning. Sacred geometry opens up a whole world of new insight and understanding. Participants are asked to bring the following: a ruler, a compass, some pencils, and a notebook (and a sense of delight!)

God Can’t Eat a Poached Egg!

December 2-3, 1994: James Hollis

Lecture: Under Saturn’s Shadow, The Wounding and Healing of Men

All men labor under the weight of a Saturnian expectation of what it means to be a man. Much of this definition is a patriarchal compensation for the fear which haunts their lives and loves-a fear they can seldom acknowledge lest they be shamed. So they hide their inner life from their partners and, most of all, from themselves. This lecture will identify the central fears of men, their most common secrets, their strategies for self-protection, and steps for healing this inner split and self-alienation. This lecture is for men and for women who want to know a man.

Workshop: Inscape, The Place of Dreams in our Search for Meaning

We all dream up to six times per night. What is the meaning of this extraordinary activity which continues while consciousness rests? Jung articulated a theory and a practice of dream interpretation which sees dream as a process by which the Self seeks to dialogue with, to correct, to compensate for, and even to direct the conscious life. In this workshop we will review the four basic categories of dreams, the structure of dreams, and the methodology of dream interpretation. Then we will examine a series of dreams from three analysands and work together on their interpretation (Because of the personal nature of dreams, we will not work with any dreams of workshop participants.)


James Hollis, Ph.D., is a Zurich-trained Jungian Analyst in Philadelphia and Linwood, N.J. where he lives. He is the author of The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning at Mid-Life and Under Saturn’s Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men, as well as numerous articles on myth, religion, and Jungian psychology. He is also Director of Education for the Philadelphia Jung Institute.

Under Saturn’s Shadow