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April 24-25, 1998 Beverly Zabriskie

Lecture: Creation and Recreation: Ancient Egypt and Modern Life

The engaged and considered life demands many beginnings. The multiple creation myths of the most mindful of peoples, the ancient Egyptians, not only addressed their questions about the origins and nature of the universe and human life, but offered stirring images for the first and continuous emergences of physical awareness, psychic consciousness, creative reflection and expression. Images similar to those we will view and discuss from Egyptian art and myth often appear in the dreams of modern women and men in moments of inner pressure and outer crisis, when growth, restoration and renewal are essential for on-going life.

Workshop: The Depth Psychology of Ancient Egypt

Five thousand years ago, vital Egyptian minds were expressing humankind’s concerns about the know, the unknown, and the unknowable. Just as we do, they confronted tensions between order and chaos, and sought balance between harmony and tension, attraction and aggression, good and evil, life and death, light and dark, mortal time and a timeless eternal.

The great conceptions of Egyptian myth, such as Hathor, Maat, and Thoth, reached toward the comprehensive understanding which gives breadth and depth to our interface with the universe. The story of Isis and Osiris dramatizes the intra-psychic struggles, interpersonal intensities, and transformative possibilities of a depth connection to experience. Using Egyptian images and texts, this seminar offers a glimpse into the resonance between the Egyptian sensibility and the Jungian understanding of the inclusive life.


Beverly D. Zabriskie, CSW, NcPsyA, is a Jungian analyst in New York City. She is on the faculty of the C. G. Jung Institute of New York, and the C. G. Jung Center of Mexico City. She is an assistant editor of The Journal of Analytical Psychology, and past president of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. She has lectured extensively in the United States and Europe on the psychological valance of Egyptian myth, the alchemical nature of psychic images, and on analytic thought and practice. Her recent publications include Thawing the Frozen AccidentsFermentation, and The Matter of Psyche.

Ancient Egypt
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