April 24-25, 1992: Manisha Roy

Lecture: This lecture will present both the definition and the experience of the animus within a woman’s psyche, along with the other manifestations in collective life. We will see through examples the vital importance of a woman’s conscious relationship to this archetype for her relationships to men, creativity, psychological autonomy and spiritual fulfillment.

Workshop: The workshop will further amplify how the unconscious animus is experienced in real life, both positively and negatively, including severe neurotic symptoms. Clinical examples and a well-known painting will serve as symbolic material for discussion and response from the participants.


Manisha Roy, Ph.D. an anthropologist and a Jungian analyst, is in private practice in Boston, Massachusetts. Born in India, she came to America on scholarship at the age of 20. She holds Masters’ degrees in Geography and in Social Anthropology, a Doctorate in Psychological Anthropology from the University of California and a Post-Graduate diploma in Analytical Psychology from the Jung Institute in Zurich. She has published extensively in both anthropology and psychology. She is author of the book Bengali Women (University of Chicago Press). She writes fiction both in English and in her Mother tongue Bengali. She has lectured and taught in many countries including America, Europe, Africa, India, and Australia.

The Archetype of the Animus and Feminine Consciousness