April 21-22, 1989: James Hilman

Lecture: Anima Mundi: The Soul in the World 

This slide lecture shows the feelings and images of psyche outside, a depth psychology of nature and extraversion; the return of soul to the world from the narcissism of self-enclosed, self preoccupied journeys to the interior.

Workshop: Anima: Images of Mood and Desire 

A slide show/workshop/discussion of Anima feelings, moods, erotics, interiors, and spontaneous displays of psychic life-freed of conceptual jargon and explanations.

Dr. Hilman has presented this material (mainly paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries) in many places from men’s groups in the woods, to a Medici palace in Florance, to theatre companies in France. The intent is to move Anima from a theoretical notion that is gender determined to a palpable reality of beauty for everyone.


James Hilman is well know internationally as a speaker and a writer. His works include Anima: Anatomy of a Personified Notion; Re-Visioning Psychology; Lectures on Typology (with M.I. vonFranz); The Myth of Analysis; Insearch: Psychology and Religion, etc. He presents archetypal psychology as it impacts on cultural imagination, ecology, and politics and on therapy of soul.

Anima Mundi: The Soul in the World