April 15-16, 2005: Rose-Emily Rothenberg, M.A

LECTURE: The Jewel in the Wound

The body plays an integral role in the expression of personal myth. Exploring the symbolic dimension of a body symptom helps to unravel the mystery of wounding and healing that lies hidden within the symptom itself. Dreams, visions and artwork will be utilized to bring meaning to such manifestations.

Within this context, Ms. Rothenberg will describe her personal experience with psychic wounds that manifested as physical scars and that led her to Africa to study scarification rites. The scars, instead of simply being the source of embarrassment and pain, became the sacred jewels that illuminated the path of self-understanding, thus creating a link to the spiritual meaning embedded in a body symptom.

WORKSHOP: Body Symptoms in Individuation

Physical illness presents us with a challenge: to turn something problematic into something meaningful. Early primal experiences are manifest both psychologically and physiologically through one’s life journey. Suffering cannot be avoided when traveling the road of individuation; yet renewal is born out of the darkness of the unconscious and of the body.

This workshop will be a presentation and illustration of the role of body symptoms in reflecting and stimulating the process of individuation. It will include discussion of the archetypal dimension of diseases of the skin and the intestines. Participants are invited to bring examples from their experiences involving the body.


Rose-Emily Rothenberg, M.A. is a Jungian Analyst practicing in Pacific Palisades, California, and is on the faculty of the C.G.Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Her special interest–on which she has lectured nationally and internationally–is the relationship between disease and the psyche, how body symptoms can be central to discovering one’s myth, and the benefit of using the expressive arts to better understand one’s body symptoms. She is the author of The Jewel in the Wound.

The Jewel in the Wound