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April 12-13, 1996: Kathrin Asper

Lecture: Home or Homeless: On Losing and Regaining the Sense of Inner Home

This lecture focuses on the loss of the sense of inner home. Emphasis is placed on war, exile, early loss of parents and a difficult start in life. Such experiences can lead to the loss of inner home, insecurity, and narcissistic problems. The lecture will describe the felt experience, give its theoretical and archetypal background, and offer some therapeutic approaches for healing. 

Workshop: The Healing Self: The Soothing Voice of the Soul

This workshop will focus on the healing and soothing impulses from the psyche that some people receive after they have experienced suffering. The emphasis of the day’s material is on the felt experiences of people in and out of analysis. Dr. Asper will present historical sketches and examples, including: the dreams of two young students who resisted Nazi terror; the legend of Saint Martha, who tamed the dragon instead of killing him; the Feminine Super-Ego; the Ego Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the Trinitarian Aspect of the Numinous; the journal of Opal Whitely, and the symbol of the Labyrinth. Dr. Asper’s intent is for participants to experience the contents of symbols. A symbol becomes a symbol only after it touches us emotionally. For the same reason she will also discuss how she came to choose the different themes of the workshop and what each one touched in her. 



Kathrin Asper, Ph.D., was born in Kusnacht near Zurich. She is an analyst in private practice, a training analyst, lecturer and member of the Curatorium at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich-Kusnacht. She is the author of The Inner Child in Dreams; The Abandoned Child Within-On Losing and Regaining Self-Worth and numerous articles. Dr. Asper studied literature and education at the University of Zurich and wrote her doctoral thesis on Gustave Flaubert. 

Home or Homeless: On Losing and Regaining the Sense of Inner Home
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